Q: Wait a second. It's a pouch? Shoes? A Tote Bag? I'm SO confused!!!

A: We feel ya! Even we, as the inventors, sometimes get tripped up on the best way to explain this product. Let's break it down. CitySlips® are foldable ballet flats, plain and simple. They come in a small pouch that zips up to securely and snugly store your CitySlips® while not in use. Made the decision to switch from those “killer” heels to your “funk-tional” flats? Great! Here's where the magic happens... hidden inside the pouch is extra fabric that expands into a full-size tote bag. Place those “killer” heels inside, and make your way home in comfort, not calluses!

Q: How do the ballet flats fit?

A: We're biased, of course, but we think CitySlips® are the PERFECT combination between a rigid flat shoe and a sock-like slipper. CitySlips® are made of a sturdy leather-like material and have two soles (under top of foot and under bottom of foot) for extra cushioning, comfort, and support. The outer soles are thin enough to allow for compact storage, and yet thick enough to allow daily indoor and outdoor use if desired. CitySlips® are meant to be snug on the foot, however, they offer a lot more protection and support than other emergency footwear products on the market, made of a satin or thin fabric material. If you are in between sizes, we recommend going down a size. Oh, and of course, CitySlips® have the perfect plunge at the front, revealing just a hint of toe cleavage ;)

Q: Can I re-use my CitySlips®?

A: Definitely! CitySlips® are meant to be used over and over again! When you are finished using your CitySlips®, just fold 'em back up, place them into their pouch, and zip up so they're ready to go for next time.

Q: Can I wear my CitySlips® all day?

A: You could (we certainly do!), but remember that CitySlips® are designed as a back-up solution for sore soles. While much more durable and sturdy than other “emergency footwear” products on the market, your CitySlips® will wear out sooner than a regular pair of shoes. If you notice that your CitySlips® are wearing out from frequent use, come back and get a new pair. That's just one of the reasons CitySlips® are priced so affordably!

Q: Can CitySlips® be worn outdoors?

A: Of course! CitySlips® have an innovative rubber double-soled structure that ensures cushioning and protection from all surfaces.

Q: How long will shipping take?

A: Standard delivery via USPS takes 7-14 business days.

Q: Do you take returns?

A: Yes, although it will make us sad if you aren't 100% satisfied with your CitySlips®. We offer a seven (7) day money back guarantee for unworn merchandise that was purchased at full price. All items that are purchased with a discount code are final sales and cannot be exchanged or returned. Please note that we do not refund for the initial shipping/handeling for any refunds and we do not pay for shipping on any exchanges or returns, and all returns are subjected to a $5.00 re-stocking fee per order.

Q: What will you come up with next?

A: Well if we told you now, we'd ruin the surprise! ;) We've got tons of product concepts and ideas in the pipeline, and urge you to check back often for additional colors, designs, and product. Have a suggestion of your own? TELL US! We'd love to hear from you!